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Capacity500 - 2.500

The Werkspoorkathedraal used to be an industrial work shed. Since 2014 this large factory hall in Utrecht has been buzzing with creativity. The Werkspoorkathedraal can be used for various purposes, but comes to its own in large-scale (business) events with, for example, an innovative and surprising food festival.

The Werkspoorkathedraal is located north of the centre of Utrecht, on the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. The location is easily accessible and has private parking. This huge factory measuring 30 meters in height will soon become a central point of a vibrant area. 


The Werkspoorkathedraal was built in 1960. Technical boilers and cylinders were made here. Work was carried out in the open air on steel structures, including trains and bridges that are still in use today. Even then the Werkspoorkathedraal stood for distinctive craftsmanship. 

Only since 2014 has the Werkspoorkathedraal had a new owner and a new purpose. In addition to the big, special events and festivals, creative and innovative entrepreneurs come here to work on a daily basis. In addition, the entire area is under continuous development. A place where the present, past and future come together.

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