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RDM Onderzeebootloods

In a nutshell

Capacity100 - 5.000

The Onderzeebootloods is a former submarine wharf of the Rotterdam Drydock Company (RDM) in the Heijplaat district. The RDM-site has retained its authentic details and industrial character and reflects the rich history. Where once submarines were housed, now offers space for large and surprising events.

The RDM Onderzeebootloods is a raw, industrial location that has recently been renovated. The total space has a surface area of approximately 4,400 m2 and the 'Middenhal' (Central hall) is almost 20 meters high. Thanks to its flexible walls the site can be set-up in different ways. Guests can park for free in the car park behind the hall, but can also use the Water-bus and Water-taxi to access the location in a more original way. 

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