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Hier Radio Kootwijk

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PlaceRadio Kootwijk
Capacity10 - 1.500

Radio Kootwijk is a former transmitter site in a protected area between Amersfoort and  Apeldoorn. Built in 1918, the radio telegraphic transmission station provided what was then an innovative communication link with former colonies in the early twentieth century. A unique and intriguing location!

Several buildings with totally unique characters, shape the Hier Radio Kootwijk event location in the Veluwe. In addition to the historical main building in Art Deco style, there are several other buildings, each with its own energy and dynamic. The main house has a grand entrance and the large windows in the high-up situated transmitter room offer breath-taking views. A unique cultural-historical monument where MPS enables you to experience carefree enjoyment of tasteful events with impact.

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