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Capacity0 - 1.000
Feelmodern, classical

Domusdela inspires people to meaningful encounters. In the middle of the heart of Eindhoven lies this versatile event location, which likes to symbolise meaningful encounters.

The complex is not only an events location, but also features a brasserie and hotel. Brasserie Rita and Hotel De Mariënhage have a luxurious and attractive atmosphere. Together with the spaces for meetings and events, this makes Domusdela a contemporary place for meetings, connection and deepening. The ideal place in and around Eindhoven for business events, meetings or private parties.


Domusdela's complex includes several halls. Characteristic of the building is the Paterskerk. This former church is the highlight of Domusdela and has been arranged in such a way that it can accommodate no less than 1,000 persons. It is mainly used for large meetings and special ceremonies. In addition, De Kapel is a versatile location for celebrations and meetings for groups of up to 150 people. The stained-glass windows mean that the Ceremonial House retains its original character. Furthermore, the complex has several meeting rooms ranging from 0 to 150 persons.  

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