You are inside but you feel as if you are outside!



De Glazen Zaal

In a nutshell

PlaceThe Hague
Capacity30 - 300
Feelclassic, modern

The stylish Glazen Zaal was originally an inner courtyard covered with a glass roof and many glass walls. You're inside but you feel as if you are outside. Classic and modern meet: the façade of the beautiful Portuguese Synagogue from 1725 has been included as a permanent 'decor' in the hall. A characterful venue for a special symposium, reception or dinner.

The Glazen Zaal is easily accessible for your guests. It's located opposite the Malieveld, with ample parking available. And is only a five-minute walk from the Central Station. The Glazen Zaal has very good acoustics and modern technical facilities. The rustic backyard with ancient chestnuts is accessible in good weather.

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