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Walking dinner and a swinging party

Zuiveringshal, Westergasfabriek

In a nutshell

Kingcanary walking dinner and party 300 guests Amsterdam

There was uncertainty around the date it was going to happen but the exhibition launch was a fact. This needed celebrating!

An exhibition launch with a simultaneous name change is a memorable moment. Kingcanary develops and produces events and was asked to develop the concept and take on this event. The Zuiveringshal on the Westergas site was transformed into an Urban-loft look-and-feel atmosphere. A DJ and saxophonist made for a swinging party!

Live, fresh and of high quality

That was the request from Kingcanary to MPS for the culinary input. As a result of this request came a reception and an ambitious walking dinner. Where one could pick the crudités straight from the market greens painting. Fresh ingredients for small dishes were created or finished on the go according to the guests' taste. Pokébowls were put together by our chef from a buffet and fine accompanying wines and the cocktail bar completed the party!

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