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The Experience Conference

De Kromhouthal Amsterdam

In a nutshell

IDEA Marketing conference 50 guests Amsterdam

IDEA organises the annual marketing conference on the power of live communication. This time exclusively for only 50 guests in De Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. The event shows how to create a 'brand experience that sticks'. MPS was asked to create a culinary experience that would surprise and be talked about for weeks afterwards. And so we did!

Eat well, Feel amazing

Feeling good starts with honest food, caring for each other and nature. Enjoying fresh and responsible products together. We believe that this is the key to true happiness. And we wish that for everyone. That's why our culinary programme consisted of a surprising content. Guests were welcomed with a non-alcoholic welcome cocktail presented in a crystal Champagne coupe with edible flowers. This was accompanied by the vegetable cakes of NatsRawline.

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Sign Language Coffee Bar

Since mid-2021 we have entered into a new partnership, namely with: Sign Language Coffee Bar. This is a Coffee Bar where you are literally waited on hand and foot by friendly Sign Language Baristas: deaf or hard of hearing baristas. You order your coffee in sign language. This unique concept was also present at the event, which created a true coffee experience.

Culinary surprise

The plenary part was followed by drinks where we offered guests the choice of a wide range of 'no & low' alcohol beers. These non-alcoholic alternatives have been on the rise for years and we only applaud this. In addition, our stylish hostesses walked around with charcuterie from 'De Lekkere Man', a vegetable cocktail in golden coupes and a rouleaux of sustainable Rondeel chicken. Moreover, guests could let themselves be surprised by the 'Smokey Herbs'. Japanese mini BBQ bites with grilled herbs.

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