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Michelin star dining for international guests

Het Machinegebouw, Westergasfabriek

In a nutshell

Obsession Events & Communication dinner 125 guests Amsterdam

In the context of the European Presidency, an international company attends a conference in Amsterdam on reducing the use of salt, sugar and fat in our food. The day concludes with dinner for a select group of people. 

Obsession Evenementen & Communicatie organised both the conference and the high end four course dinner. Given the conference's theme - reducing the use of salt, sugar and fat, immediate action needed to be taken during the dinner. Four Michelin-starred star chefs served tasteful, exclusive dishes without any added  salt or sugar.

A unique Collaboration - an enthusiastic team

Four Michelin-starred star chefs worked together to make this special event a success. 

Edwin Vinke from the Kromme Watergang (**) was responsible for the starter
Peter Gast from 't Schulten Hues (*) prepared a wonderful second course
Luc Kusters from restaurant Bolenius (*) provided inspiration with a delicious main course
Gerrit Greveling from MPS and prior to that from Chalet Royal (*) surprised everyone with a dessert without added sugar

Logistically, a challenging task that resulted in a true piece of workmanship through the team's enthusiasm. 

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