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Midsummer night party

Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

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Employees' party 1.050 guests Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

In earlier times, the celebration of midsummer night was linked to the summer solstice. Midsummer Night is the festival that welcomes summer. Bonfires are lit and the celebration is devoted to good food, drink, dancing and ancient pagan rituals. The Swedish version includes a wreath, herring with new potatoes, vodka, a 'little frogs' dance, lots of fun and a good BBQ. Entirely in this theme we took care of the culinary part of this fantastic staff party.

Drinks drinks drinks

After a long bus journey, the guests arrived and were welcomed with a glass of prosecco by our flower girls. During the rest of the evening, some staff members also walked around with wheelbarrows filled with drinks. We also had a so-called "Speakeasy Bar", a secret cocktail bar that was only accessible by special invitation, and the wine girls walked around to serve the guests a delicious glass of wine, with a nice story. Our parasols filled with delicious freshly baked pretzels made the party complete.

Different regions, different cuisine

Each region at the location had a different atmosphere and content. The culinary part of the event also matched the atmosphere. At the Silent Disco, this meant delicious snacks, and at the Sangria Bar we had a tapas bar. In the special seating area, guests could enjoy spit-roasted chicken served with seasonal vegetables on a skewer. But also special hot dogs and pasta. To top it all off, our BBQ masters stood outside. Tough, charming and with love for their profession. They served surprising burgers with various toppings. And the Midsummer Night Festival would not have been complete without a campfire with s'mores that guests could hold over the fire themselves.

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