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Exclusive summer garden party

Private location

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Bruggen Verwiel Event marketing birthday party 180 guests Loosdrecht

Collaboration as it should be! Open, sincere and honest. Thanks!

Dorine van der Bruggen Owner

You're only 50 once in life. Our client ideally wanted to celebrate this milestone at home. We provided a wonderful, festive evening where everyone could enjoy plenty of drinks, dinner & dance!

Bruggen Verwiel Eventmarketing organised this 50th birthday on behalf of a business relation. It was important that both friends, neighbours and business relations felt at home. A tent was placed in the garden that had great views and attractively decorated. 

Enjoying the summer

Dressed tables that fitted perfectly with the beautiful garden, exclusive dishes with seasonal products, fine wines and a high level of service were the basic ingredients of this summer evening. There were delicious main courses from the Green Egg, guests were able to 'pick' crudités from the kitchen garden and the cheese carriers provided a true spectacle at the end of the evening. Culinary craftsmanship in beautiful nature!

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