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Entrepreneurship in 3 days

Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

In a nutshell

FK Projects Werkspoorkathedraal 3 day event 580 guests each day

For three days, we provided the catering for an event about entrepreneurship organised by FK projects. The versatility of the Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht turned out to be a perfect match with our culinary interpretation.

The culinary interpretation consisted of breakfast, lunch, drinks and everything in between. Every day, our friendly hosts and hostesses were ready to welcome the guests and provide them with the best service and hospitality. In order to give the guests an extra bit of service, we wrote a catchy text on the cups in which we served the coffee and tea. This way, we could already inspire the guests for the upcoming event.

Water Bar

Drinking enough water is healthy. After all, our body is made up of 70% water and besides our organs, our brain also needs water. Without water, we do not get enough oxygen to our brain. So, water is extremely important to be able to function well during the day. However, water alone can be very boring. That is why we pimp the water with an extra colour and vitamins, and you have delicious water! Guests could choose from a range of tap water enriched with different fruits, spices and fresh herbs.

Chef's selection

After the morning programme, the guests were invited for lunch. From the buffets and on the table we served grab & go lunch specials. From different types of farmhouse breads to hot items such as thai chicken pie and a mini beef burger.

Reach for the stars

Reach for the stars and get lost in food heaven! Imagine yourself in our delicious heaven full of sweets like macarons, merinques and golden chocolate pearls. While the guests were reaching for a delicious macaron, our polaroid girl took a picture! A tasty and captured memory of the event.

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