The dinner was worth its weight in gold



Dinner 'Dutch Golden Age'

The Hermitage

In a nutshell

ABN AMRO dinner 125 guests Amsterdam

To mark the occasion of the 'Hollanders van de Gouden Eeuw' (Dutch Golden Age) exhibition,  ABN AMRO invited business relations for a viewing, followed by dinner amidst the unique artwork. During the exclusive dinner, several speakers provided further explanation about the exhibition and the works.

The reception for this inspiring gathering took place in the 'Kerkzaal' (church hall). This space was tastefully decorated by MPS using a combination of white furniture and warm copper tones. An excellent combination in terms of the space and the beautiful lighting. 

Attractive program

After the aperitif, guests were invited to take place in the 'Herenzaal' (gentleman's room) for an exclusive sit-down dinner. There was a tight schedule with several speakers and a guided tour between the main course and the dessert. Following the tour, the guests were escorted to the 'Kerkzaal' where the walking dessert was served. This way guests could themselves determine how long they wanted to spend at the exhibition. 

Outstanding service, flexibility, organizational talent and craftsmanship were a prerequisite for making this exclusive evening an unparalleled success. And that's what it was ->

A proud collaboration

At the request of ABN AMRO we sought collaboration with Edwin Severijn, owner of Sot-l’y-laisse, who, in terms of culinary vision, fits well with MPS | Good for each other. Edwin too, cooks using seasonal products. The menu was therefore made up of the finest ingredients available at the time. The cooking style was light and artisan and often with simple products. 

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