A new beginning



Kick Off Event

Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

In a nutshell

Onze Kapel 3 days 4.850 employees Utrecht

The kick-off is the start shot for the new year. During the kick-off the customer looks back on 2016 and ahead to what is coming, in order to motivate their employees to put their best foot forward and increase pride. 

Commissioned by Onze Kapel and partners, we provided the culinary aspect of this three-day kick-off event for a telecommunications company. Within the industrial location, a robust setting was created using marine containers. Culinary delights were presented in part from food courts in these containers.

A new beginning

A good beginning to the new year starts with feeling good. In addition to eating sensibly and well. On this basis there was 'street-food' from around the world: from Greek roasted veggie pitas to Thai Kaeng Kari Kai and  from American pulled pork to Dutch fries with real mayo .. Eat well, feel amazing!

The theme ‘welcome to tomorrow’ inspired us, in line with our 'natural' pillar, to use 100% biodegradable disposable glasses, napkins, plates and cutlery. We also served wonderfully refreshing tap water, from glass tanks filled with ice-cold water enriched with natural flavours such as fresh red peppers & basil

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