Hulstkamp Building Rotterdam now in the hands of MPS | food & design

Maaskade 119, 3071 NK Rotterdam, 2 Nov 2021

Since 1 september 2021, the operation of the Hulstkamp Building in Rotterdam has been in the hands of MPS | food & design.

Lennert Hogenes, commercially responsible for MPS: “We are very pleased with this collaboration. The Hulstkamp Building is a real eye-catcher on the banks of the Maas near the famous Erasmus Bridge. It is a beatiful, versatile and authentic event location for both business and private events.”

The Hulstkamp Building dates from 1888. The Hulstkamp Jenever Distillery was located in the building and many historical elements have been preserved. Upon entering, you will be immediately surprised by the impressive Wintergarden with its 18-meter high tree. The building has a total of five event-rooms, including the Roastery and the Distillery, both spacious enough to receive up to 500 guests for a dinner.

The Hulstkamp Building is the first new venue added to MPS | food & design portfolio since it became part of Hutten on 1 July 2021. “The exploritation of the Hulstkamp Building is in very good hands with MPS”, Erwin Verschoor of MPS says. “We have a lot of experience at high-end event locations in the Randstad and Rotterdam is also familiar territory for us.”

If you would like a tour or more information about the possibilities of the Hulstkamp Building, please contact Germaine Ligthart on 06 29 42 04 42. For an impression check

Cooperation MPS and Sign Language Coffee Bar

Sign Language Coffee Bar, 2 Nov 2021

Since medio 2021 MPS and Sign Language Coffee Bar has started a meaningful cooperation. The Sign Language Coffee Bar has an unique concept of ordering coffee which is made by deaf barista’s.

Customers can order their coffee by watching a video on the digital menu screen and then imitate the sign language shown. The mobile coffee bar is run by deaf and hard-of-hearing barista’s, whereby unemployment among hearing-challenged people is reduced in a sustainable and qualitative way. In this way companies and the deaf are brought together in a true coffee experience.

Miranda Hesselmans, MPS: “We like collaborations with companies that present their product in a creative way. In addition, we strive for inclusion and this is an unique concept that allows us to give substance to that.”

MPS | food & design and Hutten turn business friendship into sustainable cooperation

MPS & Hutten, 2 Nov 2021

Hutten and MPS | food & design joined forces since 1 July 2021. MPS will continue as an independent brand within Hutten. For Hutten, this strategic partnership means a strengthening of its position in the Randstad and a good growth of the events branch. For MPS it is an opportunity to reinforce the urge for sustainability and growth even more.

“Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, for us and our clinets”, says ErwinVerschoor, director of MPS. “Hutten has an extensive and proven sustainability policy and we share the same ambition to continue to innovate in this area. I look forward to working together on this.”

Both Erwin Verschoor and Miranda Hesselmans will remain as management of MPS. The current MPS team will also remain in service and work will be done from their current location.

Collins Schoonens, Commercial Director at Hutten, sees the collaboration with MPS as a special step for Hutten. “With this, Hutten adds a great company with a lot of experience and ambition. The collaboration also means a combination between each other’s knowledge, creativity and, therefore, clout. This strengthens our distinctive position for clients.”

In the photo from left to right: Erwin Verschoor, Miranda Hesselmans, Collin Schoonens and Drees Peter van den Bosch.

MPS and Singer Laren join forces

Oude Drift 1, 1251 BS Laren, 2 Nov 2021

In the summer of 2017, the new Singer Laren was opened. A beautiful location where we, as a preferred partner, can provide the catering at some exclusive events.

Singer Laren focuses on conferences, business events and exclusive meetings in the higher segment. The museum, theatre, sculpture garden and historic villa offer an exclusive and atmospheric location for both business and private events and for small groups to large gatherings.

Singer Laren is characterized by a modern, new theater building with a spectacular theater hall, a beautifully restored villa as a connecting factor between museum and theater foyer; and a spacious, open foyer with vistas to the publicly accessible sculpture garden. The only thing missing was the new garden, which was designed by the internationally renowned landscape architect Piet Oudolf. The garden has been ready since May 2019 and the statues are in place. Petra van der Plaats - Van Kesteren and Johan de Jong present the end result and the new possibilities for events in this interview.

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