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Robeco SummerNights

Koninklijk Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 25 Jul 2017

During the months of July and August, the now famous Robeco Summer Nights will once again take place in The Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam. Two surprising and thrilling months with something for everyone. From Classic to Pop, from String Quartet to DJ! Click here to view the program.

This year too, MPS will be taking care of the culinary aspects surrounding these concerts and we have our own pop-up Summer restaurant in the Spiegelzaal (Mirrored Hall).
Dinner starts at 18:00 and the concert begins at 20:00 in the 'Grote Zaal' (Main Hall). The evening will end at around 22:00.
There are still some places left! Click here to make an online reservation or phone the Koninklijk Concertgebouw on 0900 671 83 45.

Catering in the North Sea Jazz VIP village

Rotterdam Ahoy, 25 Jul 2017

Catering in the North Sea Jazz VIP village will be provided by Oliver & Jake. Oliver & Jake is the exclusive label for the collaboration between MPS and Taste and more.

Meet Oliver & Jake!

Ask Oliver & Jake a random question and their answers blend together. Where Oliver misses a detail, Jake jumps in enthusiastically to provide the story with an extra dimension.

They are bosom buddies; bound by their contrasts they are inseparable. They go through life like mint and chocolate - fundamentally different, yet together they are sensational, full of wonder, inspiring.

And sometimes a little quirky.

They are the type of people who know someone wherever they go. Perhaps it is because  they have been to so many places together, or maybe just because they make friends  easily.

And girlfriends. Because lets be honest: they are style icons who, when stood side to side are unmissable.

Together they are knowledgeable on everything, have dined everywhere and seen the world. And together Oliver & Jake always manage to discover something new that you won't have come across.

Beautiful things happen when they get together.


Want to meet Oliver & Jake? Then call Maaike +31 (0)6 53 63 63 12

From our wine cellar

Soave, Veneto Italië, 25 Jul 2017

We want to share our love of wine with you. You should know that wine plays an important role in our culinary life. We are continually searching for fine wines, and preferably ones with a story. These wines form the basis of our gastronomic events.

I try to visit wineries a few times a year, it helps understand the wine and particularly the wine makers. I'm often impressed by the passionate dedication and patience with which they perform their craft. Admirable!

During one of my trips in the northern Italian province of Veneto, I visited the beautiful family business Pieropan. This business is located in the heart of the picturesque town of Soave. The walk from the outskirts of the city to the old town alone is an experience. To me, the Italians are life artists. They take food and drink very seriously. The Pieropan business is an example of this. A variety of beautiful wines are created in Pieropan, but I would like to share my love for their Soave Classico and in particular the Magnum bottle.

Whilst there I met Leonildo Pieropan's (this man is seen as the 'Godfather' of Soave) grandson. The grandson, who is also called Leonildo has bought about a real revolution. Thanks to the combination of his dedication and competence, the domain became the reference and the appellation was given quite a quality boost.

The Pieropan Soave is bright, crisp & aromatic, it is light yellow with a green tinge and creates a pleasant tingling in the nose. From almond blossom to pear to citrus fruit and from delicate acids to light bitter notes. The white pearl has a rich palate and is wonderfully refined with beautiful minerals. A true celebration of spring.

Are you tempted by this or another splendid wine? Out team of wine-fanatics like to look for wines that fit the location or the occasion of your event. Where we will of course take care of the tastiest culinary creations.



Erwin Verschoor

General manager & partner

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